My Bath Favourites: Sham Castle

Stand by Pulteney Bridge on Grand Parade and look above the lovely hustle and bustle to the hills in the distance and you can just about see what appears to be a castle. 

Accessible from the Bath Skyline Walk, is the Sham Castle. It's a Grade II listed structure built in the 1700s. Appearances from afar are deceiving. What appears to be a castle is one wall. As the name suggests, it's designed the wall is designed to look like a castle with two towers at each end and an arch with two round turrets in the centre. 

Sham Castle, Bath Somerset

For anyone visiting Somerset, it's one of the best places to visit with beautiful views of the Georgian city of Bath. 

Sham Castle Bath Somerset

It was designed by Sanderson Miller and built for Ralph Allen to improve his view from his town house in Bath. 

It's a wonderful place to have a picnic and enjoy the view as part of the Bath Skyline Walk and it's lovely to see at night when its illuminated.

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